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November 09 2011

September 16 2011

The Ugly Journey Of Our Trash

No one knows for sure but scientists think over six million tons of marine debris may be entering our ocean every year. One of the reasons Project AWARE is collecting marine debris data from divers is to help build a clear picture of the underwater trash that threatens ocean life. With this knowledge, we can make more effective decisions when it comes to waste management policies.
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May 13 2011

December 05 2010

Finding Nemo in an Oil Spill
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October 31 2010

Sea Shepherd Unveils Interceptor Vessel to Target Illegal Whaling

Sea Shepherd News - Sea Shepherd

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YES! YES! YES! While Pete Bethune is whining, The Admiral is planning the next campaign.

Sea Shepherd Unveils Interceptor Vessel to Target Illegal Whaling

news_101024_1_1_oa_300At a Hollywood fundraiser on Saturday night, we shared with supporters that the Ocean Adventurer will be part of our fleet for our upcoming 2010-2011 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation No Compromise.

The 12-year-old, ...

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October 16 2010

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William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab
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October 08 2010

Rob Dunbar: Discovering ancient climates in oceans and ice
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Barbara Block: Tagging tuna in the deep ocean
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YNOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Extraordinary "Highlight" video Sangihe Talaud Region Indonesia
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A Decade of Marine Exploration Revealed
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September 20 2010

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Ocean Adventurer Promo
If I even can spare $6000, I'll join the trip to the Sardine Run
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Book 'em Danno: Klepto Manta Mugs Cameraman
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June 14 2010

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier

phreak2dot0's YouTube Activity

I favorited a YouTube video: FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier. This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT. Edited ...
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June 04 2010

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[May 25] Sam Champion and Philippe Cousteau Jr. on Good Morning America via climatebrad
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